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Catholic Journeymen
Gerry Crete

Welcome to Catholic Journeymen

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About Me

I'm Dr. Gerry Crete, professional counselor and marriage and family therapist. I started this community to bring men of faith together to overcome personal challenges, grow in faith, and create a true brotherhood. 

Why You Should Join Me

You will meet and connect with amazing men of faith who will support you on your journey. Dr. Gerry and others will engage you with topics of interest to Catholic men who want to be better husbands, fathers, and sons. You will also have access to Dr. Gerry's ongoing program of meditations that are rooted in Catholic spirituality and utilize effective psychological interventions. Although not therapy, the discussions and topics are designed to assist you in overcoming life challenges including but not limited to trauma, depression, anxiety, scrupulosity, and addiction. 

A Big Thanks

I am thankful to the men of faith who have made a real difference in my own life journey. Here I think especially of Fr. John Hibbard, my first real mentor and spiritual father. I'm also thankful to my psychologist friends, Peter Malinoski, Peter Martin, Mark Glafke, Andrew Sodergren, Eric Gudan, Matt McCall, and John Cadwallader. I'm also thankful to buddies Matt Fradd, Danny Ryan, Mac Barron, and John Henry Spann. 

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